PCPP appreciates all our generous GoFundMe donors who helped up get Resilience onto the stage!

■ Laurence Bergman
■ Daniel Breitberg
■ Cynthia Cohen
■ Christopher Dayett
■ Bruce Dickerson
■ Kitten Holiday
■ Rita Lovett
■ Tim McDonald
■ Heather Murray-Price
■ Nelson Shapiro
■ Karen Temple
■ Holly Waters
■ Linda Welden
■ Marlene Wenge

Scenes from Resilience:

SONY DSCFrom left to right: Heather Murray-Price, Joshua Lowry, and Carla Mahaffee in a scene from The Real Judith. 


SONY DSCFrom left to right: Brandy Lowry, Jesslyn V. Wilson, and Joshua Lowry in a scene from Angels for the Innocent.



From left to right: Brandy Lowry, Jesslyn V. Wilson, and Carla Mahaffee in a scene from Troop 1627. 

A few more rehearsal and behind-the-scenes photos:

Resilience Poster legal 8.5x14.jpg

Resilience talkbacks ad

Resilience, a trio of female-themed one act plays, will be staged at the Cape Fear Playhouse from May 3-20, 2018.

Why women? For one thing, women’s voices and experiences have been marginalized, in the theatrical world as well as in other avenues of life. This is a loss not only for women and girls, but for men and boys as well. Women’s stories are human stories, and as such they are vitally important for everyone.

Another issue is fairness. Over half the population is female, but fewer than half of staged plays are written by females and the majority of roles are written for men. That’s a problem. And it needs changing.

Resilience is our attempt to make things right. And put on a great show doing it! Audiences will be treated to a diverse trio of original plays exploring the resilience of women. Penned by local playwrights Elizabeth Gordon, Richard M. Trask and Wesleigh Neville, the plays all feature a memorable female protagonist and a majority-female cast. PCPP’s Susan M. Steadman will direct.

We are thrilled to bring these vibrant stories to the stage and to showcase female writers, characters, and actors.

To make it happen, we need your help. Please consider contributing to our Go Fund Me campaign, which we’ve set up to raise the funds needed to mount this production.